Snuggling with brand new babies is one of my very favorite elements of portrait photography… Thanks to Jaime, Ashley, and big sis Emily for letting me capture and cuddle gorgeous 9-day-old Brendon Michael. Congrats to you all!

Brendon Brendon and Emily Jaime, Emily, Ashley, Brendon Brendon

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Congratulations, Katie, Jesse & big sister Lilly on the arrival of your sweet little Lucas!

Lucas Katie, Lucas, Jesse & Lilly Lucas & Jesse Katie, Lilly, Lucas & Jesse Lucas

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I finally got to photograph Holli (who generously shared her time, talent and precious equipment to help me get started with my business in 2009/2010) and her sweet family when they were in town for vacation. It may have been about six years since we last saw each other when they moved out to Colorado, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Their love, silliness and joy are infectious.🙂

Schleichers Mason & Ava Holli, Mason, Kevin & Ava Holli & Kevin Schleichers Ava & Mason SchleichersEllie P. Campbell Photography on Facebook

Last time I photographed these four, Graison was not even two weeks old… Now he’s a preschool-going, chatty, rambunctious 2-year-old, and his big sister Lovie is a bright, independent, beautiful little girl.🙂 Such fun to visit with them and capture their adorable family!

Graison & Lovie Christie, Graison, Lovie & Graig Lovie & Graison Graig & Lovie Lovie & Graison Christie & Graison Lovie Christie, Lovie, Graig & Graison

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Such fun capturing these three wonderful people (and their two also-wonderful Frenchies)!

Megan, Jackson & JW Jackson Megan, JW, Jackson, Dutchy & Delilah Megan & Jackson

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Tiny, mellow, adorable Vivienne has joined this lovely family, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Big brother Emmanuel is incredibly sweet with his baby sister, lucky girl.

Vivienne Emmanuel & Vivienne Vivienne & Angeline Vivienne Errol & Vivienne Ange belly & Vivienne

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Welcome to sweet baby Lucca, and congratulations to parents Tasa and Rob! What a beautiful baby boy.

Rob, Lucca & Tasa Lucca, Rob & Tasa Lucca, Tasa & Rob Lucca Lucca

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