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Oh, Maddie Cakes… One of the benefits of having to go to NY for Janet & Brian’s engagement shoot is that we got to spend the weekend with Russ, Jordie, and scrumptious little Madeline. Although we’ve Skyped with them over the last several months, Maddie has grown up a lot since her visit to us in the fall. We thought it would be impossible that she’s actually gotten cuter, but we were wrong; she has. She is still so animated and happy – I could photograph her for hours. But I have to stop so I can give her kisses!

Here she is in her beautiful French dress for her pre-first birthday session:

MadelineJordana, Madeline, RussellJordana, Madeline, RussellJordana, Madeline, Russell

And I had to do another collage of her amazingly cute faces… Choosing which ones made it was not easy…

Madeline Leah June 2011

More photos of Maddie Cakes to come from her shoot with cousin Noah!

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Janet and Brian are getting married in Cohasset, MA this fall. While I’m in Boston a lot (for fun and work), I haven’t – well, hadn’t – yet gotten the chance to do a shoot in NYC. Luckily, this duo met and lives in the city, and it was very important to them to have engagement photos done there before their Massachusetts nuptials. Yay for a trip to NY!

We hit up many city highlights – Grand Central (would’ve been nice to have hired extras to create a bustling but unobtrusive scene instead of actual busy commuters who couldn’t have cared less about our shoot, but it was fun!), Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain, the Met (closed Mondays, hmph), the street where Janet lived when they met, their neighborhood (Tribeca) and many other little spots. We could’ve shot for days… Here are some of my favorites:

Janet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & BrianJanet & Brian

Congratulations to Janet and Brian! Thank you for a great, whirlwind NYC shoot (and for giving us a reason to take a trip to New York!), and see you in MA in October!!

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Ellie P. Campbell Photography 2009-2010It’s my one-year anniversary as Ellie P. Campbell Photography. 🙂

(Well, yesterday was, but I didn’t have time to post about it.) Although I did photography well before August 2009, this is celebrating one official year on my own. As with most things all-consuming yet wonderful, it feels like this past year has flown by but also as if I’ve been doing this for years and years. I absolutely love what I do and am very happy to be where I am.

Here’s a very long photo-year-in-review…

A shot from my first official shoot on August 1, 2009 of beautiful Eva and her gorgeous little guy Julian:

Julian and Eva

Followed by E’s birth just a couple of weeks later (and thus began my camera’s love affair with my very edible nephew):

Newborn E

And then I photographed the marriage of our great friends Larry and Erin (i.e. Larin) – full blog post here:


Then there were many fall little-ones shoots in Cleveland, like for the amazing Lily:


And December babies, like Anabella:


With the holiday season came photographing E for their New Year‘s card… (don’t you want to ring in the New Year with this scrumptious little barkeep?):

Ethan New Year

During our lovely Floridian winter, Talia and I shot the campaign for her company, Green Apple Accessories:

Talia - Green Apple Accessories

Then in February, there was a snowy trip to Cleveland, filled with lots of fun wintry shoots, like with E’s cousin Nathan (here with his mama Jill):

Nathan and Jill

…and of course some shoots indoors to defrost, like with this awesome crew – Brad, baby Alexander (so many baby boys!), and Christina:

Brad, Alexander, and Christina

There was this super-fun family session… Here are the adoring grandparents Marcia and Richard with three of their lucky grandkids, Cadence, Brian, and Cadence’s little brother JT:

Cadence, Marcia, Brian, Richard, and JT

Then we had an incredible family trip to Israel, visiting family, touring the country, and putting E in fun antique chairs at the Yafo flea market:

E in Yaffo

A few hours after getting off the plane from Israel, my work with the Sarasota Film Festival started – This was the first (and hopefully not the last) year I was a staff photographer. There were a bunch of events that week, including the In Conversation with… series with people such as Patricia Clarkson and Vincent D’Onofrio:

Vincent D'Onofrio

And incredible hooping performance outside the premiere of The Hooping Life:

Hoola Monsters

And more fun stars like Stanley Tucci and Steve Buscemi:

Stanley Tucci and Steve Buscemi

Beautiful Ava was born in the spring…

Ava and Holli

Also in the spring, my super-smart brother-in-law Jonah received his MD and PhD simultaneously and then became published in JAMA:


Babies I’d met and photographed as newborns (both friends and clients) began walking and having birthdays, like little Sydney:


There were also some “older” clients during May’s Cleveland trip, like the beautiful 6-year-old McKenzie:


Later in May in Boston, this striking and happy duo, Lucy and Chase, were engaged:


Also in Boston, I photographed the gorgeous bffs, Danielle and Abigail:

Danielle and Abigail

Back in FL, this summer started off with a bunch of newborns, like the precious tiny Gia:


And also one really touching 50th anniversary shoot for Ron and Sonia:

Ron and Sonia

To round out the summer of babies and anniversaries and to top off an amazing first year as Ellie P. Campbell Photography, there was Molly and Lou‘s beautiful beach wedding on Islamorada, FL in July:

Molly and Lou

I am so, so grateful for and excited about how this past year has turned out. I’m lucky to have a husband, family, and friends who have encouraged me to go for it as well as to have incredible clients who let me share in so many intimate, special moments and events in their lives and who have made my job fun and inspiring. I am looking forward to what unfolds over the next year! Thank you, everyone!

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Cleveland & Boston - Aug-Sept '10

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The next trip to Cleveland and Boston is set! I’m booking sessions* in Cleveland Aug. 12-25 and in Boston Aug. 26 – Sept. 5.

Email me or contact me on Facebook to schedule your shoot. And if you know someone who might want to book, please share!

Available sessions include: newborns, babies, kids, families, teens, anniversaries, maternity, engagements, birthdays, and more.

Ellie P. Campbell Photography on Facebook

* Please ask me about current session info, as it has been updated slightly.

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Not only do I get to squeeze little E in a few hours, but he is 11 months today!

(New photos of E to be taken during the coming week.)

Love from me in Tel Aviv:

Me & E

and from Uncle J:

J & E

Just hangin’ on a tractor in Aurora, OH:

E on tractor

And sink bath time in Sarasota:


And happy slightly belated 5th anniversary to the wonderful duo who brought us E:

D, J & E

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Just thought I’d share some random photos from the wild and colorful Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Two last shots. I wanted to photograph this awesome couple all day.

Venice Beach

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We’re back from California…


…rejuvenated and rested (except for that red-eye home).

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! 🙂

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I’ll be away from my computer (!!!) from June 29 until July 5. Headed to Santa Monica (and Venice, LA, etc.). 🙂


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Happy 9 months to my favorite little man on the planet!

At a playground in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv:

E - 9 months

And another because I couldn’t choose from this series…

E - 9 months

Two days till I squeeze him!

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Yafo is one of my favorite spots in the Tel Aviv area, maybe in Israel. It’s an amazing combination of ancient history new design, art galleries in narrow, steep alleyways and stunning views of the Mediterranean… just gorgeous and fun. There’s also the flea market, packed with people and cafes (as usual around here) and tons of great finds (most of which I had to avoid checking out too closely because there is no way to bring funky patterned chairs and vintage dressers home).

Here are a bunch of photos from our day in Yafo, starting with the flea market:


Where’s Waldo (i.e. E) at the flea market…

Yafo flea market

More E at the flea market, posing in a chair I really wanted to bring home for future portraits. Oh, and note his adorable Beatles outfit (thanks on his behalf, Molly!) and organic Baby Star jeans:

E at the Yafo flea market

A super cute children’s/houseware store (photo taken for our friend Erin – I envisioned her accenting their possible future child’s room with this kind of stuff but thought it inappropriate to buy anything in anticipation…)

Yafo shop

Gorgeous handmade leather shoe shop:

Yafo shoe shop

Random antiques:

Yafo flea market

I just love the colors in this one:


Loved this tree:

tree in Yafo

Stav and E:

Stav and E

More colors at the flea market:

Yafo flea market

And finally some of old Yafo:

J in Yafo

Not a shabby view from this restaurant…


And one last shotof Dana and E overlooking Tel Aviv from Yafo:

Dana and E in Yafo

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