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It’s 2am, and I’m stuffed silly from a really delicious and fun Passover seder…

So just a quick post of E at the Dead Sea – and yes, it looks like it could be one of many bodies of water, but note the floating man in the background of the left-hand shot:

E at the Dead Sea

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YAY! I can’t believe we are a few hours from being en route to Israel. We haven’t been since 2007, and this time, my sister, brother-in-law, and little E are temporary residents – and we’ll all be staying together in our own apartment in Tel Aviv. I am craving that energy of Israel as well as the 24/7 time spent with my family (yep, that’s right) and the two-week vacation I’m so ready for.

Before I go, I’ve been wanting to post some photos from the Stulberg family session (i.e., my sister’s in-laws, although that sounds like they’re more removed from us than they are). We’ll be seeing them in Israel in a few days!

Warning – it’s a long one…

First, I cannot wait to squish this guy tomorrow:


and these three Tel Aviv-ians:

Jonah, E, and Dana

Grandparents Bubbie and Zadie with grandsons Nathan and E:

Bubbie, Nathan, E, and Zadie

And just Zadie with his boys (who appear to be annoyed by each other):

Zadie with E and Nathan

And check out Zadie with the boys at one and two weeks old.

And Bubbie:

Bubbie with the boys

And her photo with the newborns.

Ben and Nathan:

Ben and Nathan

Jonah and E (in the I’m happy! Hand – must – go – in mouth pose.)

Jonah and E

And E loving Uncle J’s Sox hat (which is coming with us to Israel):

Uncle J and E

Some love from Uncle Ben (hee – love that E has an Uncle Ben and an Uncle Sam):

Uncle Ben and E

A snuggle from Bubbie:

Bubbie and E

And lastly, because I want in on the love, I’m reposting this shot of me and E:

With E

Next post will be from Tel Aviv!

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I love photographing this boy. Just check out his eyes and his sweet expressions…




Here and here are a couple of other Remy photos. More to come.

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Not too long ago, I posted a preview of Marcia’s birthday family session. I’ve now gone through and edited all of their images, and I wanted to share some of my favorites of just the kids. I’ll add more family shots soon, but these three – Cadence, her brother JT, and their cousin Brian – were so super cute they needed their own post.

Cadence, the budding model:


Brian, also not so bad at modeling. I’ve photographed this guy a bunch, and this was the first time I think he really got what was happening. He totally posed for this, leaning to the side and putting his hands in his pockets…


Cadence and JT in one of my favorite shots of the session:

Cadence and JT

“Silly faces now.” Done. (Well, except for Brian, but the poor boy had really bad allergies.)

Brian, Cadence, and JT

And the trio being adorable together:

Brian, Cadence, and JT

This was a family session meant to be focused more on the larger group and individual families, but when the three little ones got in front of the camera, I couldn’t help it. They were naturals and so much fun. I’d say that I hope I can photograph them again one day, but I know that I will! Brian is a regular. 🙂

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J and I visited Ben and Shelby King, along with their three awesome kids, Lily, Jeb, and Reed, at their farm yesterday. More photos to come of the family and their amazing farm, but on this rainy, rainy day here in Florida, I wanted to post something bright – and their inspirational and gorgeous blossoms fit the bill.

Pear blossoms:

King Farm pear blossoms

King Farm pear blossoms

And plum blossoms:

King Farm plum blossoms

I can almost feel that warm sun…

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I think it’s a combination of the black and white and my subjects that inspired me in working with Alexander’s photos. As I mentioned in the preview, Christina loves black and white photography. I rarely get to use black and white so much in sessions with little ones, but it added a dimension that I love… I feel that their images are a journalistic snapshot of their lives together. Not that color photos don’t document moments beautifully, but black and white just manages to tell a story really well – without any distractions. I had fun with the license Christina gave me to go with it for almost all of their photos. Also, both Christina and Brad had ideas of some shots they wanted – and they were flexible to let me guide them as well. Of course, some smiles from Alexander and parental smooches never hurt a photo session, either.

I thought Alexander had some sweet moments alone with his parents, so I created a collection for each:

Alexander and Christina:

Alexander and Christina

Alexander and Brad:

Alexander and Brad

Some of the family and just the little guy:


And my favorite family shot of the session:


Lastly, I found this shot I took of him with E when they were brand new peanuts. At the time, the 2-week age gap seemed so huge… I think they both look very different from their newborn selves but still, of course, ridiculously edible. (I don’t think E even registered that Alexander was right in front of his face. Now he grabs at Alexander and tries to eat him.) 🙂

E and Alexander

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Muesli and berries overlooking the Atlantic at sunrise… Great way to start the day.

Muesli in Miami

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Sending love (halfway across the world) to E, who’s 7 months today. 16 days and counting…

(Look at his foot – I can’t handle how cute it is.)

E - 7 months

E at 6 months, 5 months, and 4.5 months.

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Happy 4th birthday to our friend Danni!

Danni's 4th Birthday

And some in full color:

Danni's 4th Birthday - copyright Ellie P. Campbell Photography 2010

We love this superhero 4-year-old.

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I photographed 4.5-month-old Nolan toward the end of my Cleveland trip. Such an easygoing model! He was so cooperative, and his mom Kari had the cutest outfits ready for him.

Here’s a preview of Nolan’s session.

Check out this amazing hat, his teeth (yes, teeth – he had four of them at 4.5 months!), and that great expression. This is one of my favorites:


Happy, ridiculously blue-eyed boy:


Superman likes his feet:


And lastly, another favorite. Kari suggested this one, and I love it. Sweet (and kind of funny, considering he wants to gnaw on her) moment.


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