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Happy second Father’s Day to my wonderful husband and T’s favorite man in the world…

J & T

…and to this loving Saba, my dad, who would do anything for his family…

Dad & E

…to Big Lou/Grampy, who needs a more recent photo with his granddaughter and who has worked insanely hard as a dad of six…

Lou & T

…to T’s Uncle Jonah, the father of the baby boy (who is almost four now… weeping) who made my heart burst the day he was born and continues to do so on a daily basis…

E & Jonah

…to the hard-working, loving, bear-hugging dads I’m lucky enough to call friends and clients…


…and of course every single dad out there…

Happy, happy Father’s Day. Hope it’s wonderful and filled with reminders of how much your peanuts love you.

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