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I love photographing siblings, especially rambunctious tiny ones! Ryan is a 4.5-year-old little man, huge “Brownies” fan, and a ham for the camera. I love hearing kids say, “Can you get a picture of me doing this?” His only frustrations during our shoot were when little peanut 2.5-year-old sister Kate would somehow get in the way of his photo or activity plans. Kate is tiny but fiesty; such a sweet little girl but also a tough cookie. They are also super adorable – he’s got an amazing head of red hair and a great, big smile, and she has crystal-clear blue eyes and the most delicate white-blond hair. I love these two!

Check them out, sharing a squeeze…

Ryan & Kate

Can you just see the adorable mischievousness in their eyes?

Kate & Ryan

I love this setting:


…and this one:


Here’s Kate, worried she found a bug, and Ryan, taking a break on a branch:

Kate & Ryan

And just a couple more shots:

They were dancing, barefoot on the beach. Amazing…

Kate & Ryan

…and then Ryan was done. 🙂

Kate & Ryan

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Ella is one of my “long-time” baby clients – “long-time” is a relative term when you’re working with a one-year-old’s entire life span :-), but I photographed her at 4 months in the crispy fall leaves and then at 7 months in the snow. Now we had a summertime shoot by the water, and Ella loved getting her feet – and whole dress – wet.

Check her out – in a mini “trash-the-dress” session:


Playing in the sand:


And then we had some time on the playground. The girl loves to swing!


Happy belated first birthday to little miss Ella! In her next shoot, she will be in the role of big sister! 🙂

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How is it that every trip to Cleveland seems to fly by faster than the last one? We’re heading to Boston today, and while I’m excited to spend 10 days there, I have been loving our time in Cleveland and am not ready to have to go whole days on end without seeing E. 😦 I’ll post some E shots from this visit soon, but for now, I have some preview photos from Brennan’s one-year session.

I last photographed Brennan on a snowy February morning when he was seven months old. It’s amazing how in a few short months, they turn from babies to toddlers. With his long curly locks and toothy smile, he looks so much more grown up these days. We had a fun outdoor shoot on a beautiful morning.

I love this moment…

Scott, Brennan, and Courtney

And some more snuggles for his mama:

Brennan and Courtney

Getting a push from his dad:

Scott and Brennan

One more shot – the handsome boy showing off his adorable smile:


See you soon, Cleveland! Will post many more from this trip’s sessions in the days to come.

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Little Brian is one of my long-time subjects. Now two and a half, I first met and took some shots of him when he was just about six weeks old. Here he is last fall, and here he is with his adorable cousins Cadence and JT in February. I’ve been hearing about his other cousins, almost-two-year-old Amelia and five-year-old Nora, for quite some time, and I finally got to meet them and photograph the three together last week. Although we were hit with a torrential downpour for about half an hour, we had a great time at the most beautiful gardens and the weather cleared enough for us to get plenty of shots of the gorgeous kids.

Check out these models…





and Brian:


Nora giving Brian some love:

Brian and Nora

And making silly faces:

Brian and Nora

Sisterly tickles:

Nora and Amelia

One last shot of the three on a swing together (Amelia wasn’t thrilled about it…):

Brian, Amelia, and Nora

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Last week, I met 20-month-old Tommy and his parents, Charity and Jim, for a session in the very warm, sunny weather Cleveland was having last week. Luckily, the evening sun was not too harsh, and we had some time outside doing a lot of Tommy’s favorite activities – riding his bicycle, playing with trucks, examining the tiny crab apples in the grass, and kicking balls around. For this preview, though, I’m going to focus just on the session’s little moments…

Here’s Tommy on the go:


He stopped for a second or two to smile with his parents:

Charity, Tommy, and Jim

And one last shot… I love father-son matching!

Tommy and Jim

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So many Cleveland baby boys are turning one this summer! I already posted about E and Nathan‘s first birthdays, now it’s Madden’s turn, and some of their friends are coming up.

I photographed his parents Niki and Todd when they were still awaiting his arrival…. Now, one year later (almost to the day), I photographed him on the day of his birthday party.

This little dude is so super smiley and cute – I knew he’d be a really fun model. Here he is looking very cool and handsome for his party:


And another shot of his amazing smile:


The fam having fun:

Todd, Madden, and Niki

And lastly, the birthday boy/king of the monkeys!


Happy, happy first birthday to the Mad Man (and Todd and Niki!)!

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I have been waiting to meet this tiny one, born a little over a week ago, since May when I photographed his big brother Graham and parents Tammy and Todd. He was my first session of this Cleveland trip and is oh-so-adorable. Six-day-old Avery John was such a wonderful newborn model on a very muggy, hot, Florida-like day – I couldn’t have asked for more out of him (or the family!). He slept contentedly the whole time, only stirring slightly when we’d move him from one place or set of arms or outfit to the next.

Here are some preview photos of Avery’s shoot…

The whole crew… Tammy surrounded by her boys:

Graham, Tammy, Avery, and Todd

A mommy-baby snuggle – a moment I love to photograph so much… There’s just nothing like it:

Avery and Tammy

And one last photo of little Avery looking so perfect:


Thanks, Tammy and Todd (and Graham!), for inviting me to capture this time for you. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition!

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