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I haven’t seen these little guys since Julian’s baby session, when he was 7 weeks old (and big brother Phinn was 19 months). Now they are 16 months and almost 3… and just as cute (if not cuter). Julian is such a big boy now – with that amazing little clip in his hair from his baptism in Greece this summer. And Phinn has so much to do and say, “facetious” probably being my favorite word of his. πŸ™‚ He is hysterical and animated – and they are both just so, so handsome.


Julian and Phinn

And their monkeys were never far away…



One last shot – the whole family looking beautiful and happy as usual:

Julian, Phinn, and family

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This weekend, little Lyla visited us from Orlando (along with her parents and grandparents), and she and E played pre-Halloween dress-up.

Here’s Snow White – Could they have picked a better costume for her?!

Lyla - Snow White

And the train conductor joined for some photos with Snow White:

E and Lyla

Lastly, they’re back in their day-to-day garb, looking adorable and showing off their amazing blue eyes:

E & Lyla

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Just a couple of shots to celebrate yesterday’s Pats win:

Pats win

Sorry, Cleveland, this little guy looks too good as a Pats fan…


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Bride-to-be Kali first got in touch with me in the spring after her fiance Josh proposed, so this engagement shoot has been long awaited (at least by me and Kali!). It was so great to finally meet these two (and their three gorgeous – and large – puppies; check them out here) and roam around the bayfront with them…Β  They caught a lot of stares! I sadly won’t get to witness Kali & Josh become husband and wife (they’re getting married in Vegas in the spring), but I loved photographing them!

Isn’t this a great wedding kiss??

Kali & Josh

And the good-lookin’ duo checking out the sunset (and each other):

Kali & Josh

And lastly, two of my absolute favorites of the shoot…

Kali & Josh

Thanks to Kali and Josh for a fun shoot! Can’t wait to see photos from the wedding!

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It’s the seasons of baby bellies – and soon-to-be newborns – and I love it! This family in particular really brought me back to what we were feeling last summer when little E was soon to be born – first grandchild, two sisters, so much excitement. πŸ™‚

Bri’s due to have her baby girl early December, and I can’t wait to meet the little one. She will be one very loved princess – and beautiful, if she’s anything like her family!

The family invited me out east to their sprawling property, where Bri’s sister Randi got married about a year ago. The light was perfectly soft, the weather has finally cooled down (some), and it was so peaceful (minus the 18 mosquito bites I’m scratching as I type – so worth it!).

Here are the gorgeous expecting parents, Anthony and Bri:

Anthony and Bri

One more shot… just look at these models!

Randi, Bri, and Terri

Thank you for having me to your beautiful piece of paradise, Bri and family! See you (plus one!) in December. πŸ™‚

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This past Saturday, I photographed a dress rehearsal for “Sprout,” a three-piece Butoh dance performance choreographed by Keren Shani-Lifrak as part of the Ringling International Arts Festival’s Family Funfest.

Here’s some of what Keren says about “Sprout”: β€œMy exploration with the ‘Sprout’ series is about expressing current social, political issues about the world we live in as well as personal circumstances. The work is abstract. It maintains the aesthetics of Butoh and leaves the experience to the audience’s direct interpretation without ‘sweetening’ or mediation. The intention is to allow us to witness and embrace our imperfections but also celebrate our core, our purity of heart and our ability to emerge from dark moments… All of this through stillness, controlled, contorted and isolated movement.”

And as for the dance style… Butoh is a contemporary dance form which originated in Japan in the late 1950s. Butoh typically involves grotesque or playful imagery, taboo topics and extreme or absurd environments. It is traditionally “performed” in white-body makeup with slow, hyper-controlled, often distorted movement.

Now for some imagery…

A couple of group stills (choreographer Keren is the one sporting that amazing baby bump, top right):

Butoh "Sprout"

Don’t they just belong in this setting?

Butoh "Sprout"

Each of the dancers looking beautifully statuesque:

Butoh "Sprout"

Collection of photos from the first piece:

Butoh "Sprout" piece 1

Butoh "Sprout" piece 1

Some shots from the second part:

Butoh "Sprout" piece 2

And lastly, some images from the final piece:

Butoh "Sprout" piece 3

Congratulations to Keren and the team of amazing women!

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On yet another overcast – and very chilly – day in Cleveland, I photographed brothers Cooper, 6, and Finn, 1. Five years is a cute age difference, because the bigger sibling feels like a caretaker – and they really are in two totally different stages. Cooper is very loving and protective of Finn – minus some accidental pulls and shoves (he is 6, after all). Finn, poor guy, was not feeling so great but pulled through for our session – with some blanket-covered snuggles and time with his pacifier sprinkled throughout.

You’d never know he was sick, right?! Here, we did a sneaky pacifier trick – Cooper would let him have it for a few seconds, and then we’d do a countdown for him to pull it out for a couple quick frames. Worked like a charm!

Cooper and Finn

Cooper, the budding quarterback, already trying to get little Finn interested in the game:

Finn and Cooper

And some solo shots of Finn, in his glory, toddling around in the damp grass:


Lastly, Cooper showing off his new skateboarding skills (I think Tony Hawk has a new model for his kids’ line…):


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Cleveland Nov. 3-15I must be trying to rack up airline miles…

I’ll be back in Cleveland (yes, again – this is not a re-post) Wednesday, November 3 to Monday, November 15.

To inquire about or book a session, you can email me, get in touch on Facebook, or call me at 941.256.0772.

Looking forward to another fall visit to Ohio – the last time I’ll be there in 2010! Crossing fingers for beautiful weather…

See you soon!

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So many one-year-olds the last couple of weeks! After Lee, Aiden, and twins Julia and Ellie, I photographed the beautiful Ava just after her first birthday. Because it was her birthday photo shoot, she was lucky enough to get cake again, and she certainly took advantage of the situation… I love the concentration she put into this cake-eating…

Ava turns one

Well, that was the last shot of the day (due to the cake-icing-tutu mess that would be created), but here are some others…

Ava looking gorgeous:


I was so excited for this deck – they were about to have it refinished, but it was perfect for photos. Everyone was just on splinter watch. πŸ˜‰


I love this next shot because it really signifies the relationship between Ava and the family dog, Cleveland. He’s been around for many years and is not super pleased about Ava taking over some parental love and house space… And Ava’s curious about him but doesn’t seem too phased by his lack of interest. πŸ™‚

Ava and Cleveland

Here’s Ava getting some squeezes from her parents:

Jessica, Ava, and Sam

Lastly, the three together looking adorable (one of my favorite shots from the day):

Sam, Ava, and Jessica

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I met 13-month-old Lee and her parents, Angelina and Russ, on a very chilly day in Hudson. Angelina and I had really clicked over our many emails :-), and we were both so excited to dress little Lee up in some fun fall clothes and accessories. Russ was a good sport, as it seems like he’s quite used to the fact that his baby girl is a princess and fashionista. πŸ˜‰

Here’s the munchkin showing off her new leopard jacket and giving me a quizzical look:


And the beautiful, happy family:

Russ, Lee, and Angelina

Two of my favorite shots… I love snuggly, happy, baby-parent moments…

Russ and Lee

Angelina and Lee

Lastly, another amazing outfit for the model:


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