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Nolan is one of my regulars – So much fun to see a family every few months… watch the baby steps (literally).

Since Nolan’s almost-one-year shoot was too summery for a holiday card feel, we met again in November to capture the season… and to finally get some family photos!

Kari, Nolan, and Kevin

Here’s another of the trio that I love – they’re so happy (even whilst fighting colds):

Kevin, Nolan, and Kari

Love the sheer excitement in this one. Why do babies love being scared so much?! (Or am I just projecting because I know being tossed in the air would freak me out…?)

Nolan and Kevin

His eyes are ridiculous! Like a crystal ball or something – They’re very magical.


Last one of the little guy munching on some bark… 🙂 Doesn’t he look like he knows he’s doing something he shouldn’t be…?


Merry almost Christmas, Nolan, Kari, and Kevin!

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I have been wanting to photograph these handsome little devils for many months. We met them at the Y – Their mom is my super awesome spin instructor, Kim, and they are so good-looking and sweet… and Red Sox/Pats fans!

I was prepared to do a lot of running around chasing them to get decent shots, and although I did a bit of that, these guys were *amazing* models. They had poses and scene ideas, perfect smiles and hugs, and were so much fun. I was inspired. So be prepared – lots of photos coming up…

My favorite of each:

Cameron & Caiden

And both of these I love love love – Caiden came up with this pose on his own:

Cameron & Caiden

Cameron & Caiden

How crazy cute are they? Sheesh.

Caiden & Cameron

Models, I tell you…



Okay, just a couple more… I am obsessed with Caiden’s expression here, and the polarity of the two is too funny!

Cameron & Caiden

Caiden got super excited by the policeman who showed up with his whistle (thanks, policeman!):

Caiden & Cameron

Last shot… I know it’s a good moment when I’m melting as I’m taking the photo. These boys love their mom so much. Can’t stand it.

Caiden, Kim, and Cameron

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Backtracking to a few more November shoots from Cleveland…

Hayden was almost a year old when I met and photographed him, and this little guy could easily be a model. His expressions, his eyes, his wispy blond hair, those cheeks… I could go on and on.

Can you stand it?


And here he is being amazingly happy as his parents, Amy and Matt, look on proudly:

Hayden, Matt, and Amy

Another one of my favorites – such a perfect fall moment, makes me miss living in it:


One more… I love a happy swinging toddler!


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My sister thought it would be fun to bake some treats and bring E to a firehouse when they were here last week since the boy is so into trucks of all kinds. His favorite noise to make is “vroom!” (it sounds something like that), and he gets super excited anytime he sees a fire truck, airplane, train, construction vehicle, and so on. Our friend Kevyn is a North Port firefighter, so we baked a bunch of brownies and cupcakes and headed down to Station 82 – which is a ridiculously awesome, well-equipped, fancy-lookin’ firehouse.

Although E was borderline terrified of Kev’s helmet (which, I have to say, was super heavy and smelled like burnt rubber, so I get it), he loved running around the station and climbing on the truck (and maybe also stealing a cupcake…).

In his glory (he’s making his truck sound in the middle shot):

E at the firehouse

Practicing his running skills:

E at the firehouse

Loving life at Station 82:

E at the firehouse

Thanks for showing us around, Kev!

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Second newborn this week – so cozy on these chilly days. 🙂

This one is Micah Tovi, the little guy (well, not so little – born at 9 pounds!) of Keren, Josh, and big brother Adley (check out Keren and Adley). Micah is so loved, and his grandparents flew in from all over the world to meet him.

Here’s the whole crew. Could they look any happier?

Micah and family

Just like Emma last week, Micah was totally alert almost the entire session. For most of the time, he was content, but he had some fussy moments and needed some calming down from his mama. Is it wrong that I find this really cute?

Keren and Micah

Now resting calmly while Adley poses with him:

Adley and Micah

One last shot… just Micah being handsome and wide-eyed:


Mazal tov, Keren, Josh, Adley, and family!

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I knew after their pregnancy shoot that Bri and Anthony’s baby was going to be adorable, and wow – Emma is a stunner. She was 8 days old when I photographed her the other day, and she was wide awake the whole time!

Here’s the beauty:


With her gorgeous mom:

Emma and Bri

I love this shot of her and her dad, Anthony:

Emma and Anthony

…and the adoring looks from both parents.  Isn’t she a doll?!

Emma, Anthony, and Bri

Emma celebrating the season:


A couple more – snuggles with her parents and a sniff from their dog, Dylan:

Emma, Anthony, Bri, and Dylan

Congratulations, Bri, Anthony, and family!! Emma’s such a wonderfully sweet and gorgeous addition to the family. Thank you for having me help capture this time in your lives. 🙂

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I first met the Kings when I wrote a piece about their farm – their blueberries, in particular – for Edible Sarasota last spring. Here‘s a post with some shots of beautiful blossoms around the farm, and here’s a post featuring some of their produce at a farmers market.

The King family is so sweet and welcoming (and so much fun) – I was really excited when they asked me to come back and take some photos of the family as well as farm shots for their new website.

Here’s a collection from around the farm and their new market:

King Farm

And the family… (I love their grounds – and them!)


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I still haven’t posted from some of November’s Cleveland shoots, so I’m trying to catch up!

Evan turned one in late October, just a couple of weeks before our session, and he is scrumptious. He’s the cousin of Ben, whom you may recognize from a recent post and a couple others. Evan, like his cousin Ben, has an awesome personality and was a great model (even though he kept yawning – and he had just woken up from a nap! I’ll try not to take it personally, Evan!!). He was so relaxed and easy-going and let us traipse around town, posing at different spots. And to top it all off, we were pretty sure we heard a first word: “Ball!”

So cute:


And having fun with his parents:

Stacey, Evan, and Todd

One last shot – I love this one of Evan and Stacey:

Stacey and Evan

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Lyla has become quite famous (on my blog) as the adorable Snow White from Halloween. Since we met her at 6 weeks, I was excited to one day have an official photo session with this little beauty. She is so easy-going, smiley, snuggly, and sweet – and that head of hair with those beautiful blue eyes…

Here’s the happy trio (Lis, you are gorgeous):

Lisa, Lyla, and Todd

And Lyla showing off her sitting skills in her amazing outfit!


Lastly, a couple shots of Lyla giving her parents snuggles (I got some, too – she’s very generous with them!):

Lyla and Todd

Lisa and Lyla

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As a surprise for J’s birthday, I asked one of his best friends from college, Russell, to fly down from NY with his wife, Jordana, and beautiful new daughter, Madeline. It’s been way too long since we’ve visited NY, so we hadn’t seen Russ and Jordie in ages, let alone gotten to meet their now-4-month-old. They made the trek – Maddie’s first plane ride! – and we had a great, relaxing, fun weekend catching up with them… and falling in love with Maddie Cakes.

Before sending them back to chilly Long Island, we had a tropical family photo shoot on one of our last warm days…

Russell, Madeline, and Jordana

And here’s a collage of little Madeline Leah, the peanut who stole our hearts… Her expressions are priceless, and those giant blue eyes with that soft head… I miss you, Maddie!

Madeline Leah

Thank you, Russ and Jordie (and Maddie!), for making the trip down here to make J’s 30th extra awesome!! Hugs.

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