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Aiden just turned one, and I’m so glad this somewhat-impromptu trip to Cleveland panned out so that I could capture the family at this momentous time.

Going on the swings can have different results with the young ones – some zone out, some love it, some just want to get out. Clearly, Aiden falls in the “love it” category. Seriously, how cute is he?


With his beautiful mama:

Aiden and Elana

The trio looking gorgeous and happy sharing a snuggle:

Elana, Aiden, and Adam

And one last shot of Aiden and Adam, the models:

Aiden and Adam

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I love getting to photograph a woman and/or couple just before they’re expecting a new addition to the family – and then photographing the little peanut when he or she arrives! Although Sarah is on bed rest, she’s feeling (and looking) great – and we tried not to keep her up and about for too long.

You can feel the excitement and love coming from these two…

Sarah and Mike

There’s something about the belly, the hands just touching, her rings… I love this moment.

Sarah and Mike

And lastly… she just felt the little one move.  🙂  Makes me smile.


Can’t wait to meet their new family member in just over a month! 🙂

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This weekend was jam-packed with fun sessions, and thankfully, that crazy 90-degree heat went away and left us with chilly fall weather.

First on the schedule was this great family, with 1-year-old twin girls Julia and Ellie (Ellie!!) and 4.5-year-old Jordan (don’t forget that half!). The girls are so sweet – and a lot alike but also definitely their own little selves, already at just a year old. And Jordan is a loving big brother and so much fun.

With these three kids, it was too hard to keep the preview shots to just a couple, so here are a bunch…

The trio:

Julia, Jordan, & Ellie

And just the girls:

Julia & Ellie

They each had some solo time, too…

Here’s Jordan relaxing in the grass, showing off his amazing smile:


Little Miss Ellie:


And Julia, with those beautiful eyes:


The girls get some love from their mama:

Debbie with the girls

Jordan’s turn for some hugs with his parents:

Jordan with his parents

Finally, a couple of shots of the whole family together:

the whole family

the whole family

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This is a very belated post of photos from E’s first birthday (which was August 11). On our way to see the little toddler today. 🙂

Check out the handsome man with his homemade birthday pin (that he later ripped off and tried to eat):

Ethan's first birthday

And here’s the happy boy with his new Mickey train, surrounded by presents and the awesome garland his mama made:

E with birthday presents

And his first present-opening experience with his proud mom and dad (It makes me crazy when he sits on his knees – so, so cute):

E with D & J

And 5:18pm, the exact moment he officially turned one year old:

Ethan turns 1

Lastly, enjoying his first piece of cake, a recreation of his mama’s first birthday cake made by his Safta:

Ethan eating cake

See you in a few hours, E!

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Every few months, we like to get some photos of Nathan and Ethan with their grandparents (i.e., Bubbie and Zadie). This August was a fitting time since both of the boys had just turned one. 🙂

So here they are on the playground. Swings, slides, trains, and a wagon… such fun!

Stulbergs August 2010

And I love these shots because these two scrumptious boys were unaware that the other was also kissing his own reflection in the slide:

Ethan Nathan August 2010

See you later this week, boys!

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Nathan, E’s cousin and my pseudo-nephew, is no stranger to my blog (his birthday, hanging with E, family shoot, 6 months…). I love this little man, and he is always fun to photograph. He turned one August 4, and during this past trip to Cleveland, I had to capture his cuteness at a year old.

Here he is, being loved up on by his parents, Jill and Ben:

Nathan, Jill, and Ben

And here’s the adorable guy having fun on the playground:


One last shot – E and Nathan with their awesome birthday presents from their Uncle Sam… These boys *loved* their new trains (as have many other kids on the playground):

Ethan and Nathan

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You might remember Mykal from earlier this past summer as he was turning 5. I know that I’m biased because he’s family, but isn’t he so handsome with crazy beautiful eyes?! So great to photograph, too – filled with curiosity and energy. Well, we went back to the Arnold Arboretum this August with his cousins and best friends, Ian, 9, and Noah, 11. I thought I’d seen Mykal hyped up before… Nothing compared to his excitement at hanging with his older cousins. These three were such fun to shoot… We ran up and down hills, climbed trees (well, they did), and scaled rocks (again, they did).

Here they are, semi-resting (giggling and wrestling the whole time):

Ian, Mykal, and Noah

And the energetic trio having fun:

Mykal, Ian, and Noah

We managed to get them to sit still for a couple of minutes for a big family shot:

Tina, Myke, Mykal, Noah, Ian, Courtney, and Jim

And this one makes me laugh, so I thought I’d add it on… Squished together, climbing a tree, and making crazy faces makes for a good time!

Ian, Mykal, and Noah

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I love this family. In May, I had a session with 6-year-old McKenzie, and she was just too sweet. Her grandparents (they look way too young for me to be able to say that), Lisa and John, came along for the shoot, but this time, I got to photograph them with their super-handsome son Charlie, who just started his senior year of high school.

One thing I love about working so much with kids is that they are truly themselves (most of the time) when I’m photographing them. It’s usually much harder for adults to be natural in front of the camera. Charlie and his parents threw that concept out the window. Good looks, photogenic subjects, great personalities, and a fun location all made for an awesome shoot. 🙂

Check out the gorgeous trio:

Lisa, Charlie, and John

And again… Can you tell they were having fun? I love it!

John, Charlie, and Lisa

Now here’s Charlie testing out his modeling skills (so handsome, right?! and the camera does not hate him):


One more of Charlie:


And now for a couple of the lovebirds:

Lisa and John

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I love watching mini clients as they grow. Here‘s Nolan at 4 months, looking like a Gap model and showing off his killer blue eyes. I photographed him again in August at 11 months, and I think he’s gotten even cuter.

Check out the adorable little man (striking some of his serious poses):



Giggling on the swings:


Snuggling with his mom:

Nolan and Kari

And going for a walk:

Nolan and Kari

Happy almost first birthday to Nolan!!

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This crew is just too cute. They’re gorgeous, spunky, and so much fun. Jack just turned five, but you can already tell he’ll be an adventurous guy. Not to mention he stole my heart with his interest in photography (“What lens is that?” :-)). Brooke is a very mature, entertaining three-year-old, giving me a tour of the house and running around the yard with a million ideas of fun things to do. Courtney is a sweet little one, just turning two and soaking in all that’s around her. The three of them together made for a really fun shoot.

Here they are in a monkey pile:

Courtney, Brooke, and Jack

And having fun on their swingset:

Brooke, Jack, and Courtney

Adorable Courtney:


Beautiful Brooke:


And handsome Jack:


One last shot of the whole gang:

Jack, Brian, Courtney, Brooke, and Kim

Thanks for a super-fun session, guys!

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