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Breaking my blog hiatus with familiar faces… Love watching this crew as they grow up – and expand. I’ve been photographing them since there was just 4-month-old Ella, and now Maddie, the littlest, is already 8 months old! And Jack has gone from baby to boy so fast, talking and running up a storm. 🙂 They are a hilarious bunch and so loving of each other.

Ella, Jack & Maddie 2 Ella, Jack & Maddie Ella & Jack Jack & Maddie Ella Jack, Maddie & Ella Maddie Ella, Maddie & Jack

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Wishing the happiest first birthday to one of my favorite little guys on the planet…

To this sweet, handsome, loving, smart, snuggly one-year-old, thank you for brightening our world for this last year – and for cheering T on as she took some of her first steps! 😉 Such a good friend already.


Here he is looking super scrumptious at just six days old:

Caleb, 6 days old

Congratulations to Erin & Larry on one full year of being the most wonderful parents to one of the cutest boys to ever be born. ♥

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