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Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We loved our short trip to Boston and are back in the sunny (and chilly!) Florida weather.

These two girls, Vassiliki and Krisanthi, were so much fun to photograph during a fall trip to Boston. My sister-in-law and I took them out to play for their shoot, and they had a great time running around. They were also a big hit with passers-by, singing Greek songs and hugging dogs.

I love photographing siblings to see their interactions, and V & K are hysterical. They go from hugging and squeezing each other till they look like they’re going to pop to Vassiliki (the older of the two) becoming quickly annoyed with her hyper two-year-old sister to forgetting the other exists and playing on their own. I hope that I captured some of this in their session…





Showing some love:


I absolutely love this one. It was just before Krisanthi got a bit too aggressive with her hug and Vassiliki shoved her away, but this moment was just too sweet.


Playing in the grass. Note their amazing leather boots from Greece:

V&K playing

Vassiliki resting:


The girls found some dandelions:

V&K flowers

And one last shot of the smiling twosome:


Finally, here is their custom holiday card that I designed:

V&K holiday card

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Today was great for two big reasons: one, Ethan (nephew) is here, and two, my mom made a spectacular dinner in honor of my birthday that I enjoyed with my parents, my sister and brother-in-law (whilst Ethan slept soundly in the other room), my husband, and my aunt and uncle. 🙂 (Knock on wood.)

This will be my last post until Monday the 28th, so I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a fabulous one and that everyone who doesn’t gets some restful time off. We’re off to Boston to brave the frigid temperatures for the Campbell Family Christmas. Palm trees just don’t cut it like snow on the ground, Christmas Eve wildness with the Sacco crew, and presents flying all over the living room before dawn on Christmas day…

Here are a few photos from today.



Sisser, Jonah, and edible baby E braving the “razor blade” Florida grass for some photos:

D, J, & E

D, J, & E

E loves to fly, and I am loving his smiley happy face and the blue, blue sky:

Super E

What are you so concerned about, E? (Possibly the fact that we kept him up a tad too long when he should’ve been heading in for a nap. He was an excellent sport but very, very sleepy.)


Yummm. Best salad and pastry creation:


And delicious flan/crunchy caramel dessert:


🙂 I love making adults wear birthday party hats, if only just to see how silly everyone looks trying to have intelligent discussions (or not intelligent discussions – just even sitting there, really) whilst wearing them. No, I didn’t post a photo of said adults in the hats, because I have a feeling I’d get in big trouble. This will have to do:


Have a great rest of the week! Be back Monday to defrost.

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It’s a very proud feeling to receive holiday cards with photos I’ve taken on them. I like knowing that I’ve had a hand in capturing people’s families and children in a way that makes them think, “Yes, this represents us well – let’s send this photo out to our world!” Puts a big smile on my face. 😀

So I was very happy when Jack’s mother Katie told me they used my photo for their holiday card this year, and, like Lily, the card reminded me to share photos from their shoot. Jack and his parents, Katie and Josh, were such a fun family to photograph – Jack had such a great time chilling in the leaves. He was a sport the whole time and waited until we were completely done before announcing he was hungry. 🙂 Thanks, Jack!

Here are my favorites:

It never failed to make Jack laugh when his dad said, “Good morning!” in a sing-songy voice. Apparently Jack loves the morning!

Jack in the grass

Tummy time didn’t last long, but I think he looks adorable laying amongst the leaves:

Jack - tummy time

Time to get up! Josh looks on as the smile-master (my silly noises had nothing on “Good morning!”):

Jack standing

Love a baby in a bucket! Jack loved it, too, once there were leaves inside that he could munch on. And check out that adorable fuzzy hair!

Jack in bucket with leaves

Hanging out with his mama (and giggling at Josh again!):

Jack and Katie

First time down his slide – ever!

Jack and slide

Some family photos:

Jack, Josh and Katie

Christmas outfit time!

Family Christmas

And Moose joins the family photo. Jack was clearly more interested in Moose than me and my crazy faces and noises:

Family with Moose

And one last photo of Jack ready for his first Christmas, stocking in hand!

Jack and stocking

Merry first Christmas, Jack!

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Last night, we went to our 3.5-year-old friend Danni’s preschool Christmas concert. He told his parents beforehand, “I don’t think I can handle it.” He also instructed his dad, “You can tell my teacher I’m not going to school anymore.” And then at dinner afterward while he scarfed down breadsticks and pasta, “I’m not nervous anymore” (and proceeded to explain to us what being nervous means, an explanation which I can’t repeat because it was very complicated and somewhat confusing). So, clearly, he wasn’t all that thrilled about the event. They sang some songs (the others sang; he looked around), and his class “performed” “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” in which he was the dad. Anyway, I took a few photos and wanted to share them of this cute little man. (I blurred the other faces just in case… Don’t want to make any parents angry!)

Danni's Christmas Concert

In “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” awaiting Santa’s arrival:

Danni in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hey, he might not have opened his mouth, but he performed!

Danni's Christmas Concert

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The next Cleveland trip is set! I’ll be in town and available for sessions Friday, February 5 through Sunday, February 21. As for locations, we can play in the snow, find a well-lit spot in your home, or meet somewhere else cozy and fun indoors.

To book your session, contact me. Please also pass on the information to anyone who might be interested in scheduling a shoot! Gift certificates are also available if you’d like to gift someone with a session (or a portion of one).

Gift Certificate

See you soon, Clevelanders! 🙂

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So I received a holiday card yesterday that is the inspiration for this post. I photographed Lily this fall in Cleveland, and her parents used some of the photos for their holiday card. The whole family has smiles that melt your heart, and Lily is one of the cutest little things I’ve ever met. She was such an adorable model and loved all of the great toys her mom had brought out for her (and outfits!). There were so many fun toys and clothes that I had to include a bunch of photos… Overall a really great shoot – so happy to have met these three!

Patrick, Suzann & Lily

Just look at Lily with her pet lion, Beaumont (hope I’m spelling that right). She *loves* this guy (and all things safari, apparently). I have to admit, he sort of frightened me when I walked in their door… He’s BIG!

Lily & Beaumont

She’s also a big fan of her huge red ball that she can barely hold onto.

Lily & her red ball

This sort of reminds me of Kim Anderson‘s style – not that I am anywhere near her caliber. My sister had some of Kim’s prints in her room growing up, so there’s a bit of nostalgia when I see it:

Lily with her pink hat

Lily with flowers

And just check out this giggle! She actually reminds me a lot of our friends’ little one Summer in this one (photos of Summer to come soon). They both have similar enormous happy grins.

Lily laughing

Then we had some fun with bubbles. I *heart* bubbles for photos.

Lily playing with bubbles

Lily playing with bubbles

And now for Lily in one of the cutest outfits ever (and I love that it’s so girly yet NOT pink!). She absolutely loved the jewelry Suzann let her play with (her wedding pearls – generous mom) and her “pocka” (“pocketbook,” a word she picked up from her “fancy” grandmother).

Lily & her rocking horse

The gorgeous shoes did not last long. She works much better barefoot.

Lily's bare feet

And she sure does love herself some George time. I hope she meets a man one day (like in 20+ years) that can light up her eyes like George can!

Lily & George

And look how sweet she is to all of her animals. The hippo got a nice ride on her rocking horse. Note her “pocka” being toted around.

Lily & hippo

And as our session came to a close, Lily peered out the window at her red ball that we forgot outside (and yes, she’s still holding onto her purse:

Lily looking out the window

Thanks for a great shoot, Lily, Suzann & Patrick!

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Yesterday we went to the Bucs-Jets game in Tampa with Larry & Erin (see their wedding here and Erin’s blog here) and Dan & Sharon. Dan scored some pretty ridiculous seats (50-yard line, 2nd row behind the Jets bench), so I brought along my camera and favorite lens (below) to help keep myself focused on the game (I have the tendency to space out and watch the crowd and all surroundings more than what’s happening on the field/court).

Canon 70-200 f/4 IS L

Canon 70-200 IS L series

Well, my lens might have caught the eye of the 6-year-old and his dad seated behind us (“That is BIG!”), but these guys sure did make me feel like a wuss:

Photographers at Bucs-Jets Game at Raymond James Stadium

Anyway, I snapped some shots at the game, even though I could see why those beastly zooms have their place in sports photography. My 200mm couldn’t capture the up-close-and-personal stuff, but it does illustrate how sick our seats were!

Bucs-Jets Game 12-13-2009

Jets Coach Rex Ryan getting grouchy with a player:

Jets Coach Rex Ryan

Dan & Sharon saying hi from their seats:

Dan & Sharon

“Hey Mom – Can I call you back? I’m sort of busy…”:

Bucs-Jets Game

So many injuries…

Bucs-Jets Injury1

Bucs-Jets Injury2

Some cool catches:



Our depressed Buc fan neighbors left, so Dan & Sharon joined us in our row:

BucsJets Game


And a bit of mayhem at the end of the game with a few wild Jets fans. The guy in the #99 Gastineau jersey was shouting, “I’ve been a Jets fan for 30 years! You’re 66 years old (to the coach); you haven’t won anything!” and “You’re SUPPOSED to win this game!” and also yelling at one of the players for injuring himself last week. Strangest fandom ever during a blowout win. One nearby Jets fan mumbled, “I never thought I’d have to take out a Jets fan…” And another made the guy apologize to his children for his foul language. I took this shot after we scooched down a few seats away from them out of fear:


And then we took the token shots of ourselves (our pink faces are a combination of the sunlight reflecting off of the red seats and our being toasty from the shocking 85-degree mid-December heat):


Thanks for a great first experience at Raymond James Stadium! (Can’t really beat it, unless Brady’s right in front of us instead of Clemens, the Jets’ QB.) Congratulations, Dan & Sharon (and Jets fans), for the 26-3 win.

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After little Vivian’s session, I met Anabella (and her mom Monica, dad Andrea, and handsome brother Dylan, but this one was just for Anabella). Anabella was sound asleep when I got there and was not pleased by the moving and changing we did to get her photo-ready. After a meal, she was much happier and fell right asleep for pretty much the entire session.

Here are some of her photos:


Dreaming of Christmas.


Sporting her adorable monogrammed bloomers.


The cutest package.


I love the contrast in textures of the iron bench and straw basket against the soft blanket and baby skin.


So peaceful. And she looks just like her brother in this one.

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My previous post highlighted the adorable knitted works of OrganicMama’s Shop using photos from little Vivian and Anabella’s sessions, but I think each of the girls deserves her own little post.

Vivian and Anabella’s mothers are two friends who each delivered their baby girls on the same day, and I had the pleasure of meeting them both two and a half weeks later! I met Vivian first, and her awesome mom Kasey and big sister Charlie.

Here are a few from Vivian’s session. Anabella’s to come shortly. (BTW, how gorgeous are their names?!)


Basket o' Vivian.


Looks like she's on a very important phone call.


I can't believe how alert she was, little ham. Look at her fighting sleep and staring right into the camera.

Vivian & Charlie

Vivian gets some love from her big sister (who's quite the model herself).


Although Kasey warned Charlie about her unruly hair not being photo-ready, Charlie was ready with an adorable grin the second I turned the lens on her. Can't wait to have a Charlie session and capture her awesome ensembles and poses.


I just had to include a shot of the beautiful Greta, their one-year-old Golden and possibly the most well-behaved puppy I've seen (and a Golden, no less!). So, so sweet.


And one last shot of Vivian looking super scrumptious and finally about ready for a nap.

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I recently met Shannon, i.e. “OrganicMama,” on Etsy, and she creates these wonderful hand-knit hats (with ears!) and cocoons for little ones. I have been looking for some simple props to include in my newborn shoots – they’re often asleep for the whole time and of course can’t do many “poses,” so props, environments, backdrops, etc. really help stage an adorable newborn photo.

OrganicsMamas Etsy Shop

OrganicMama's Etsy Shop

This past Sunday, I photographed two 2.5-week old munchkin girls, Vivian and Anabella, both born on the same day to moms that are friends – crazy coincidence! They were past the cocoon stage – which is within 10 days or so of birth, as they need to be teensy weensy and scrunched up; these girls have matured and can straighten their mini legs. However, we got some adorable photos using Shannon’s hats. I absolutely love the yarn she uses; I’m normally not a fan of traditional baby pink and baby blue, but the marbled colors in her products are understated and really sweet. And of course, they are so, so soft.

Here are a few of my favorite photos featuring Shannon’s beautiful hats.

Anabella Gioia

Anabella ready for her first Christmas.

Anabella Gioia 2

An adorable bundle in the grass.

Vivian Teresa Pondering

Vivian looking like she has a lot to think about.

Vivian Teresa

Vivian lounging in the basket.

Vivian's hand

Vivian's tiny hand.

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