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Another cuddly, silly, edible munchkin for this beautiful family… I finally got to meet and photograph (and snuggle) Ava, and it was so much fun to see how big sister Arianna has gone from being the baby to a little lady!

Ava, Yana, Arianna & Nate 2 Ava, Nate & Yana Ava, Yana, Arianna & Nate Arianna & Ava Ava & Arianna

(I promise no babies were harmed in this photo session. 😉 Ava’s parents were within inches, ready to catch her in a second.)

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Those people who say it keeps getting better and better and the love keeps growing and growing… I’m thinking they’re right. ♥

TJC 9 months TJC 9 months

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