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I met little Delilah while on another photo shoot downtown last summer. I snapped a few shots of her then (check one out here). The combo of her complete adorableness and that amazing outfit were just too cute to handle, so I was excited to finally have a full session with her and her parents to celebrate her second birthday.

I think she got even cuter…


…And maybe a little bit harder to catch. They get a lot faster from 18 months to 2 years!


A rare pause in the action with her parents, Trevor and Danielle, and her lamb friend “Mimi”:

Trevor, Delilah, and Danielle

There is something to be said for posed shots, everyone looking at the camera and smiling. You can see people’s beautiful faces and eyes, and they often make for happy photos. But in my eyes, you can’t beat the true, candid moments between parents and their little ones…

Delilah and Danielle

Delilah and Trevor

Delilah and Danielle

Lastly, a couple shots of Danielle and Trevor as Delilah played and explored around us. 🙂

Danielle and Trevor

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Check out The Play Room at Alexandria School – a just-opened, fun spot to bring your little ones (see the schedule) – featured on Cleveland.com!

The Play Room at Alexandria School

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Ella’s back! This time, she’s sharing the spotlight with her new, 6-week-old baby brother, Jack. I’ve photographed Ella so often in her first year and a half that I’ve really been able to watch her transform from a baby into a little lady (Ella at 16 months, 1 year, 7 months, and 4 months)! Now, it’s adorable to see her as a big sister, not terribly interested in Jack but also sweet and loving to him when she feels like it. 🙂

And Jack is one handsome boy – and so snuggly. He would prefer to be held at all times, but we had to get some shots of him on his own!

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” (the inner monologue I picture for him in this shot):


Isn’t he scrumptious?


Meanwhile, big sister Ella cracked herself (and me) up:


Ella tried to hold Jack and give him kisses, but he wasn’t feelin’ it… (Ella’s faces make me smile.)

Ella & Jack

…He was somewhat more content hanging out alone (for a minute), so Ella chilled on the chair showing off her awesome Elmo slippers:

Jack & Ella

And lastly, this family photo exudes happiness and love to me – baby snuggles, toddler kisses… That’s a good time.

Laura, Jack, Ella, and Ryan

I’ve had so much fun capturing Ella’s first year and a half on her own, and now I’m excited to watch both her and Jack grow up before my eyes (and lens)!

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I was so excited that this family was up for a full-on snowy session! And they brought along their gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, Apollo (my second puppies-in-snow shoot for the week!). I think 8-year-old Jacob was excited to be able to sled and play, while 17-month-old Asher was a little unsure of the knee-deep snow… Apollo had a blast and was not the easiest to corral, but we managed to get a bunch of great family shots nonetheless. And they were all great sports about the chilly temps and lack of plowed paths!

Here’s one of my faves:

Steve, Asher, Rayna, Jacob, & Apollo

I love this moment:

Asher and Rayna

This one, too (Asher’s first time sledding!) 🙂

Jacob, Asher, and Steve

Asher didn’t really mind the snow when he had a sled to sit on:


And one last shot of the beautiful Apollo in his glory:


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It’s official. E’s a kid. I used to think 18-month-olds were still babies, but considering E says “baby” (well, signs it – he’s working on the words thing) when he sees a little one, I’m not sure anymore… (I recommend skipping to the photos if you aren’t obsessed with E.)

He makes up his own games (rolling a ball under furniture, saying “Uh oh!”, and attempting to retrieve it with a stick – good times), feeds himself with utensils (until the food-to-mouth speed becomes too frustrating and he reverts back to hands), loves slapstick comedy (if you want to see the kid laugh, bonk your head on a cabinet, accidentally – he knows the difference, or pretend to feed yogurt to a plant), and has a memory that I can’t believe… During one snowfall, I quickly pointed out the snowflakes on his sleeves – I am obsessed with those beautifully formed snowflakes that look fake they’re so perfect – and over a week later, when we watched snow coming down from inside, he pointed to sleeve and looked at me, wondering why those snowflakes weren’t on his arm again (I didn’t say he’s a genius that grasps the concept that the snow wouldn’t fall inside).

Here are some shots I took of him last week with his BFFs (I found someone who can appreciate my monkey collection – and make it less weird that I still have it!). He was acting like a monkey here – if only I had accompanying audio… His monkey sound is at a decibel that’s hard to reach…

This boy is so expressive. I can’t even stand his face in the first photo in the second row. He’s always loved to have a bit of a spaz-fest:

E with monkeys

And a shot of this precious kissable face:

E 18 months

These past 18 months have been the best – Thanks, Ezel, for being so much fun! Excited for millions more snuggles, laughs, and kisses (although now he’s starting to have opinions about when we’re allowed to kiss him – not sure how I feel about that).

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To complement Chad’s bar mitzvah photos, his mom Marla and I set up a little shoot at their house to make sure their beloved dogs made it into the bar mitzvah album, too! Puppies Oliver, Max, and Pete were gorgeous and so sweet. Even my dog-fearing assistant husband thought little Ollie was adorable. Max is the fun-loving big brother type, and Pete is the senior in the crew… mostly chills off to the side, overseeing the hyper young ones.

We shockingly got all three dogs in one shot, albeit not posing perfectly (which I like better anyway) 🙂 – Here’s the whole crew:

Chad, Marla, Dana, and Seth

We had a gorgeously snowy, mild day, so we spent most of the time outside playing in the snow (and laughing really hard).

Pete didn’t feel like running around that day, but Oliver and Max had fun with Dana and Chad:

Dana & Chad

The dogs had so much fun (including Pete with his rest on the couch):

Oliver, Max, and Pete

We brought Pete outside for a bit, but he wasn’t really into it. I love this shot, though. 🙂

Pete, Chad, Dana, and Oliver

One last photo of the cute brother and sister!

Chad & Dana

Thank you, Chad, Dana, Marla, Seth, and doggies for an awesome wintry shoot! It was too much fun!

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Heading back to FL, but first I have to post about this little one…

On Friday, I photographed beautiful, tiny 6-day-old Liora Keren (before her baby naming, actually, so big sister Eliana was calling her “Tallulah” after a favorite character in one of her books). She was so alert, adorable, and petite, and the house was filled with coziness and love – one of the things I love about going to families’ homes for newborn shoots.

Just look at this precious munchkin!


She didn’t love every minute of our session, but I love this shot. Is it wrong that I find something really sweet about a crying newborn?


Some sister snuggle time (on a baby blanket that’s been in the family for 30 years):

Eliana & Liora

Lots of love for Liora… (Note that Elie is reading her “big sister” book – so cute.)

Liora & family

Congratulations to Alyson, Matt, Elie (my name and birthday twin!), and family on sweet baby Liora Keren!

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The main reason for this trip to Cleveland in not-so-toasty February was to photograph Chad’s bar mitzvah this past weekend. (I’m loving the events lately – a New Year’s wedding in Boston, a Sarasota Sweet 16, and now the Cleveland bar mitzvah – such great times!)

Chad and his family were amazing – so welcoming, fun, and sweet… and when did 13-year-olds become so awesome?! They partied from early evening until late in the night, dancing up a storm (I especially loved the impromptu “Dougie” performance by three of Chad’s friends – someone please share a video) and celebrating with Chad.

Here’s a collage of some highlights:

Chad's Bar Mitzvah

And a shot of Chad and his family after the morning services:

Chad's Bar Mitzvah

Excited to photograph the family session over the weekend!

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I’ve been excited to photograph Arianna since the fall, and I finally got my camera on her as my first portrait session of this Cleveland trip. Photographing her and her parents, Yana and Nate, was so easy and fun. We got this great shot within the first minute of shooting… Ridiculous!


How amazing are these leg warmers?


Last one for now… I am in love with this family photo:Nate, Arianna, and Yana

🙂 Loved this shoot!

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