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A big congratulations to my lovely and talented friend Erin for opening her Etsy shop, Mini Joyful! She may have a tiny man on her hands (the scrumptious Caleb), but she is so super good at making adorable accessories for little girls (although ties may be in her shop’s future).

Everything is so well made – Erin has a crazy attention to detail – and I love her unique take on tutus. So cute for photo shoots!

You may notice my T is donning Erin’s goods in these shots. Not the easiest model, but she lives with me… 😉

Mini Joyful Mini Joyful Mini Joyful Mini Joyful

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William, at exactly one week old, was a pretty perfect newborn model. He is such a handsome little man and slept his session away, letting us move him around from blankets to arms to… a zebra! 🙂


His four-legged big brother Max looking over him melts my heart…

William William William William William William William

Congratulations to Sarah and Angus on your absolutely adorable baby boy!

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Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

…First, to the woman I’m lucky enough to call my mama and who is now one of my daughter’s very favorite people on the planet…


…and to my sister and quite likely the best mom there ever was (not biased at all, but seriously, just ask E, whose only complaint may be that he would like to have more candy as part of his regular diet)…


…to T’s Gram, the lady who created my husband (and five others, holy cow!)…


…to my girl, who made me a mama these last 14 months…


…and to the lovely mothers I get to call clients…

Mother's Day 2013

…and to every other mother I know and don’t…

Happy, happy Mother’s Day. I hope you get to sleep a little extra, lift your feet up for a few minutes, and get lots and lots of loving, giant cuddles.

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I could work with newborns exclusively and be a happy photographer. I do love seeing the little ones as they grow, capturing family dynamics, meeting couples as they celebrate their 50th anniversaries, but brand-new babies and their euphoric, totally-in-love parents… awesome.

And this particular newborn already had me reeled in, as his parents are very good friends of ours. So, congratulations to Errol and Angeline on your new addition, super-handsome, sweet, teeny-tiny Emmanuel. 🙂

Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 4 Emmanuel 01 Angeline & Emmanuel 2 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 5 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline Emmanuel 02 Emmanuel 03 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 3

And just two days before the little guy decided it was time to enter the outside world…

Errol & Angeline

Lastly, I love this idea (that I saw done originally by Baby as Art of the singer Pink in People Magazine). I did it for myself and was so excited that Angeline wanted to go for it as well. I absolutely adore Emmanuel’s pose!

Angeline & Emmanuel

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How has it been two months since I’ve posted?!

The Dillon family were in town to celebrate grandad George’s 90th birthday (cannot believe the man is 90 – he makes it look easy!), and I was lucky enough to capture the amazing occasion on Siesta during a beautiful spring sunset. (You may recognize these two from their sparkly New Year’s wedding a couple years ago. Here are a couple more photos with the birthday boy from Kate & Adam’s wedding: Kate & George and Jen & George.)

Dillons Dillons Dillons Dillons Dillons Dillons Dillons Dillons

And I love this crazy-Dillon-family shot, my favorite pose being the bottle-drinking. Had me laughing as I edited. 🙂


Happy 90th birthday, George! And thanks for asking me to photograph the milestone, Dillon family!

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