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I love photographing children, love it. But teenagers are in their own category, and I have so much fun on shoots with them (even though they usually make me feel old; when did that happen??). Teenagers/high school students have the right blend of confidence and, at least for the one hour they’re with me, discipline. They will do what I tell them and look great doing it, but they also come up with their own ideas, which are usually pretty awesome…

For example, Blaise picked our location, and it was perfect. Go Blaise!

Check him out:


And I love this close-up:


One last shot, one of my favorites:


We also included Blaise’s 13-year-old sister, Mia, in the shoot – photos of her and the two of them to come.

Thanks for the great shoot and awesome location, Blaise!

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Sydney is no stranger to my camera. Here she is at 2.5 weeks, 5 months, 8 months, and almost one year.

We did a fun New Year’s holiday card this time, but that I’ll save for another post. Here’s a peek at some of my favorite shots of Syd’s fall session. It’s so warm and cozy, especially that family snuggle shot…

Sydney, Ali, & Scott

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I hope everyone had a happy, yummy Thanksgiving! I’m still in a food coma, I think…

Ben is such a happy-go-lucky guy. During our last photo shoot, when he was 10 months, he just grinned and sat contentedly. This time, he braved the cold and enjoyed watching the ducks and picking up leaves. 🙂 And he posed so happily with his adorable hat and blazer (maybe it was the wild kids taking a blow-up boat out on the pond that had him so entertained):


And my favorite family shots:

Brian, Ben, and Ali

Actually, this might be my favorite. How cute is this moment?

Ali, Brian, and Ben

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!

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We almost canceled this shoot because little Rowan had a bit of a cold, but I’m so happy we went through with it! These three were so much fun and ridiculously adorable… and other than a sniffly nose, Rowan was a champ! They have spunky personalities and were great models on their own and together. Couldn’t have asked for better!

The kids played on the beach (still can’t get over that there’s a beach in Cleveland) in the fall sun… so beautiful!

Rowan, Maeve, and Colin

I feel like you can’t not smile at the sight of these three happy siblings:

Colin, Rowan, and Maeve

We also did a “precious parts” series of little Rowan. It must’ve been a funny scene, us trying to get him to show off his little body parts, but he was a great sport! I loved his mom’s idea of having him hold a toy that he likes – illustrates a bit of his personality. 🙂

Rowan Precious Parts

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I haven’t seen Jack since he was 7 months old (almost exactly a year ago). This year, at 19 months, he’s turned into a kid! – running around, laughing, pulling his wagon, attempting to play football with his dad, and very, very attached to his Elmo.  He still has a super cute smile and the softest, fuzziest hair you just want to rub.

Here’s Jack with his parents, Katie and Josh:

Josh, Jack and Katie

And toting around his friend Elmo and an empty wagon:

Jack and Elmo

Chilling and grinning in the wagon:


I had to include this one, too.  It amuses me. 🙂


Merry *second* Christmas, Jack! So fun to follow little ones as the time passes… and a bit sad considering how quickly it all goes.

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These brothers are so, so cute and fun. Alexander is 3 and of course full of energy. He could’ve bounced on his mini trampoline for the entire session, had we not wanted some other shots! It reminded me of when our buddy Danni would jump on our bed for hours, yelling, “I’m jumping! I’m jumping!” Tireless, those guys!

Here’s the bouncing boy:


And his 6-month-old brother Oliver having fun on the swing:


We managed to get Alexander to sit still for a few minutes to pose with his brother:

Oliver and Alexander

And lastly, the boys snuggle with their beautiful mom:

Hannah and Oliver

Hannah and Alexander

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I didn’t even realize how many 15-ish-month-olds I photographed in Cleveland until I started organizing my shoots. I love this age! They’re competently and comfortably walking (or, in Alexander‘s case, running), so animated and interactive.

I can’t stand Claire’s cuteness. And that Anthropologie sweater… to die for.

Just look at this huge grin!


Isn’t she edible? (Her mom said she hadn’t done this pout in months – brought it out for the photo shoot. :-))


Lastly, I love myself some mama-baby moments… and Katy and Claire are so, so sweet together.

Katy and Claire

Such a great shoot on a sunny fall day with two beautiful girls!

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