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I met these two when Jack was just one week old. He has grown into such a happy, handsome little boy – and Haley is a proud big sister. She practiced her modeling for me, and Jack showed off his grin and standing skills… Basically, the two were great subjects!

Jack & HaleyHaleyJackHaleyJackHaley, Kim, Jon, & Jack

Looking forward to seeing Haley and Jack (and their parents!) again at their aunt’s wedding in November!!

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Congratulations to Nicole and Brett! The wedding was absolutely beautiful (can’t believe the weather held out so perfectly)!

Brett & Nicole

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More Ella – and Jack! I love these two. My Cleveland visits don’t quite feel complete unless I’ve had some time photographing Ella, and now her little brother Jack, too. They are just so adorable – Add mom Laura’s amazing outfit selections, and I can’t take it.

Jack & EllaJack & EllaElla & Jack

Obsessed with Ella’s Toms…

EllaJack & LauraElla & Ryan

๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully more Ella & Jack photos to come for the holidays!

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I love seeing my repeat Cleveland clients during my visits there – Most of the babies/little ones I’ve photographed since they were either newborns or just a few months old! But it’s also fun to meet new families, see adorable new babies, figure out their personalities… like little Jaden.

Jaden is such a sweet one-year-old boy. He was a bit sleepy on the morning of our shoot but very easygoing and quite cooperative for his age!

I love his blond curls!!

Scott, Jaden, & SarahSarah & JadenScott & JadenJadenJaden

His smile – and the classic one-year-old wispy hair and few teeth – are just so adorable!

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Now it’s Brennan’s turn for a 2-year post!

It really is crazy how quickly these little ones transform into their own people with their own ideas… Last year, for his first birthday shoot, we could plop Brennan wherever we wanted him – in a swing, in the grass with his parents, etc. – and he’d just chill,ย smiling, looking around, snuggling, while I took photos. This year, Brennan had other thoughts for our shoot. He just wanted to go, go, go, with no particular plan (he is a 2-year-old boy, after all!) – so we had to just follow and hope that he’d pause for a moment here and there. Luckily, his pinwheel kept him interested, and their property is beautiful, with many photo-friendly spots. I like photos of kids better when they’re on the move anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

Not to mention how handsome Brennan is… and that amazing outfit!

BrennanCourtney, Brennan, & ScottBrennanCourtney, Brennan, & ScottBrennanBrennan

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Rafi’s among the Cleveland crew to be turning 2 this summer (like Sydney, E, Nathan, and many more to come). They are definitely tougher to chase around for their 2-year shoots than they were last year, but their growing personalities make them so much fun! And also like some of his friends, Rafi’s expecting a little sibling this fall! Excited to meet the new baby girl – hopefully in October!

For now, here are some photos from the busy and adorable Rafi’s 2-year shoot – and his last one as the only child!

Matt, Rafi, & AbbyRafiAbby, Rafi, & MattMatt & RafiRafiMatt, Rafi, & Abby

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In my mind, a year doesn’t make that much of a difference in older kids – but looking back at Spencer and Morgan‘s photos from last summer, they really have grown up! We met up again for more back-to-school photos, and as usual, these two were fun (even though Spencer in particular is not a huge fan of photo shoots – but who can blame him?). We had some close encounters with angry geese, but we lucked out on a beautiful day!

Morgan & Spencer

Stay away from Morgan, geese! ๐Ÿ™‚

MorganMorganSpencerMorgan & Spencer

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Back in May, I photographed beautiful tiny Saige when she was 3 months old. During this past trip to Cleveland, we got together for some more family photos and in honor of Eli‘s upcoming 3rd birthday!

Luckily, Saige is a little sturdier these days, so she could handle a 3-year-old’s version of “holding” her. (Side note – These two are just so good-lookin’!)

Saige & Eli

Eli, looking grown up and handsome, and doing what he loves best, playing a little number on his guitar:


Saige’s smiles are infectious and amazing:


Some of my favorite family shots:

Eli, Brett, Stef, & SaigeStef, Eli, Saige, & Brett

Seriously, Eli doesn’t pass up the opportunity for a performance!

Stef, Eli, Brett, & Saige

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So many siblings coming to my little clients! But Sydney is no baby anymore… Even though she just turned two in June, she is such a little lady, so independent and grown up. Since her last shoot in November, she’s really transformed from toddler to teenager! And mid-September, she’ll be a big sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

Scott, Ali, & Sydney

Love Ali’s big belly!


And of course we had to get some of just Syd. Her dimple is the cutest:


Can’t wait to hear about – and meet – and photograph! – the new addition to the family really soon!

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I was so excited to meet little Piper during this past visit to Cleveland. I’ve been photographing her brother Nolan since he was just 4 months old, and during our last shoot, when he was 20 months, Kari was about due with their little baby girl. Piper was 7 weeks old when I finally got to photograph her, and she’s already set to have the same gorgeous eyes as her brother (and mother).


The whole fam – We managed to have Nolan not moving (or at least not much) for a few split seconds:

Nolan, Kevin, Kari, and Piper

This boy always gives me a good workout during our shoots, but I will chase after him to get a shot of those amazing eyes and his sweet little face:


Congratulations, Kari, Kevin, and Nolan on the arrival of beautiful Piper!

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