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Tiny, mellow, adorable Vivienne has joined this lovely family, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Big brother Emmanuel is incredibly sweet with his baby sister, lucky girl.

Vivienne Emmanuel & Vivienne Vivienne & Angeline Vivienne Errol & Vivienne Ange belly & Vivienne

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This session had me very thankful for the impending storm’s beautiful light, the inspiration from this stunning subject (and model), and the fact that their little one stayed put long enough for us to capture his/her mama’s gorgeous bump. Looking forward to the arrival ofΒ Nicole and Jason’s little one any day now!

Nicole, Jason & Cooper Nicole Nicole & Jason Nicole & Jason Nicole Nicole & Jason Nicole

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Congratulations to Debbie and David on their upcoming arrival!

David & Debbie

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I could work with newborns exclusively and be a happy photographer. I do love seeing the little ones as they grow, capturing family dynamics, meeting couples as they celebrate their 50th anniversaries, but brand-new babies and their euphoric, totally-in-love parents… awesome.

And this particular newborn already had me reeled in, as his parents are very good friends of ours. So, congratulations to Errol and Angeline on your new addition, super-handsome, sweet, teeny-tiny Emmanuel. πŸ™‚

Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 4 Emmanuel 01 Angeline & Emmanuel 2 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 5 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline Emmanuel 02 Emmanuel 03 Errol, Emmanuel & Angeline 3

And just two days before the little guy decided it was time to enter the outside world…

Errol & Angeline

Lastly, I love this idea (that I saw done originally by Baby as Art of the singer Pink in People Magazine). I did it for myself and was so excited that Angeline wanted to go for it as well. I absolutely adore Emmanuel’s pose!

Angeline & Emmanuel

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Happy belated birthday to gorgeous Emma! Her eyes are ridiculously gorgeous, she’s so happy, and her dimples are too much. Now, she’s expecting a baby brother to arrive in just a few short weeks, so we had to sneak in Emma’s 1-year shoot before it became a big family affair!

(Some shots of Emma’s 6-month shoot can be seen on my Facebook page.)

EmmaAnthony, Emma, & BriEmmaAnthony & Emma

Can’t wait to meet the little guy in there so soon!


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Since Jess is in the hospital right now delivering the newest addition to their family, I thought it was fitting to post a preview of her last-minute maternity shoot from last week. Jess was looking amazing at full term, probably in part due to keeping up with their adorable, rambunctious 2-year-old Max!

Max & JessJessJeff, Max, & JessJessJeff, Max, & Jess

Thinking of Jess and family today and can’t wait to hear their great news – and hopefully meet the new little man in November!

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So many siblings coming to my little clients! But Sydney is no baby anymore… Even though she just turned two in June, she is such a little lady, so independent and grown up. Since her last shoot in November, she’s really transformed from toddler to teenager! And mid-September, she’ll be a big sister. πŸ™‚

Scott, Ali, & Sydney

Love Ali’s big belly!


And of course we had to get some of just Syd. Her dimple is the cutest:


Can’t wait to hear about – and meet – and photograph! – the new addition to the family really soon!

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I’ve been photographing Alexander since he was just a few months old (check him out at 6 months and 15 months) – actually, he was only a few weeks old when I first snapped a photo of him with newborn E. Now, he’s about to be a big brother – as in, Thursday. Christina is looking great – braving a photo shoot just days before delivering baby boy number 2.

Alexander, of course, at 21 months has no clue he’s about to get a new family member, but here he is having a laugh with his mama:

Christina & Alexander

My favorite of our session… Christina, looking happy and so pretty:


Can’t wait to meet the new little guy later this week! πŸ™‚

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We met Peppe when we moved here and discovered Cafe Epicure (he makes the best pizza), and I met his wife and baby girl Eleonora at the restaurant a couple of years ago (wow, what a gorgeous family). Now they’re expecting their second little bambina at Thanksgiving, and I finally got them in front of the camera for some maternity photos.

I can’t even stand the beauty.

Pepe, Eleanora, and Giovanna

Stunning ladies…

Giovanna and Eleanora


Pepe and Giovanna

Eleonora is the sweetest little girl… gives her parents so much love…

Eleanora with Giovanna and Pepe

One last shot of the bella:


Cannot wait to meet the baby in a few weeks… Baci grandi, Giovanna, Peppe e Eleonora!

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It’s the seasons of baby bellies – and soon-to-be newborns – and I love it! This family in particular really brought me back to what we were feeling last summer when little E was soon to be born – first grandchild, two sisters, so much excitement. πŸ™‚

Bri’s due to have her baby girl early December, and I can’t wait to meet the little one. She will be one very loved princess – and beautiful, if she’s anything like her family!

The family invited me out east to their sprawling property, where Bri’s sister Randi got married about a year ago. The light was perfectly soft, the weather has finally cooled down (some), and it was so peaceful (minus the 18 mosquito bites I’m scratching as I type – so worth it!).

Here are the gorgeous expecting parents, Anthony and Bri:

Anthony and Bri

One more shot… just look at these models!

Randi, Bri, and Terri

Thank you for having me to your beautiful piece of paradise, Bri and family! See you (plus one!) in December. πŸ™‚

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