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A big congratulations to my lovely and talented friend Erin for opening her Etsy shop, Mini Joyful! She may have a tiny man on her hands (the scrumptious Caleb), but she is so super good at making adorable accessories for little girls (although ties may be in her shop’s future).

Everything is so well made – Erin has a crazy attention to detail – and I love her unique take on tutus. So cute for photo shoots!

You may notice my T is donning Erin’s goods in these shots. Not the easiest model, but she lives with me… 😉

Mini Joyful Mini Joyful Mini Joyful Mini Joyful

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It’s been a newborn kind of month! I love it. 🙂

I met 4-day-old Max (as well as his awesome 6-year-old brother Jake and amazing family), and he was such a sweet, easy little boy. I love that people welcome me into their homes during such a special time and let me share a little bit in their new baby’s adorableness.

Check out this peanut package:



Jake looking out the window for his baby-brother-delivery:


Max gets some love from his dad and brother:

Max, Mike, and Jake

A loving snuggle from his mama:

Kim and Max

And lastly, my favorite photo from the session… I love it for many reasons…

Jake and Max

It happened sort of by accident (Kim wanted Jake to feed Max to help him relax a bit for this pose, so we took one shot of this, which I didn’t touch in post-processing). It speaks for sure of brotherliness to me (even without the “little brother” outfit Max is wearing, but made more so because of it). It shows how they look alike. It’s so summery. Jake is feeding Max but focused elsewhere (like he’s saying “I’ll take care of you, little guy, but I have other things to do, too.”). And Max is so super teeny next to big-brother Jake… That’s why I love it. Just me?

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I just met and photographed brand-new Gianni Lyn, a beautiful and amazingly tiny baby girl. She was almost exactly 7 days old and the perfect newborn model.

Just check out this precious little human!


A pretty perfect little bundle:


And this love from her parents, Jason and Jen… just too much.

Gianni with Jason and Jen

Wow newborns are amazing. Excited to watch little G as she grows!

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So if you saw my blog Thursday, you know that I photographed one-week-old Charles, born to parents Leymis and Kavin. Here’s a bit more about that shoot – with a bunch of photos, of course!

Leymis and I have been in touch for years through work, and I was very happy to get the opportunity to capture the arrival of her little guy. Although he was due at Christmas (I was eagerly awaiting the news, geared up with my camera for the new tiny man), Charles had other plans and decided to join world outside of his mama’s cozy womb on January 12.

I photographed him when he was exactly one week old. He was a tiny peanut (even being three weeks late), but he was alert and wriggly beyond his years (or days)! While I’d envisioned a blissfully sleepy newborn, I got a wide-eyed model who stared me down as if he were saying, “Yep, I know what I’m doing.” But how they keep you on your toes is part of what’s so fun about photographing babies! And anyway, I do love the expressions of an alert newborn, and Charles looks like he has a lot to think about.

Check him out!

Staring out the window:


I love his expression in this one (actually, I love his expression in all of them, but there’s something about this in particular…):


Looking very cozy in a sea of fuzziness:


Pretending to be falling asleep (good actor, isn’t he?):


Getting a little love from his mama:


Here is my favorite from our little session. Makes me want to scoop him up every time I look at it.


And we’ll end with a collage of some others:


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I recently met Shannon, i.e. “OrganicMama,” on Etsy, and she creates these wonderful hand-knit hats (with ears!) and cocoons for little ones. I have been looking for some simple props to include in my newborn shoots – they’re often asleep for the whole time and of course can’t do many “poses,” so props, environments, backdrops, etc. really help stage an adorable newborn photo.

OrganicsMamas Etsy Shop

OrganicMama's Etsy Shop

This past Sunday, I photographed two 2.5-week old munchkin girls, Vivian and Anabella, both born on the same day to moms that are friends – crazy coincidence! They were past the cocoon stage – which is within 10 days or so of birth, as they need to be teensy weensy and scrunched up; these girls have matured and can straighten their mini legs. However, we got some adorable photos using Shannon’s hats. I absolutely love the yarn she uses; I’m normally not a fan of traditional baby pink and baby blue, but the marbled colors in her products are understated and really sweet. And of course, they are so, so soft.

Here are a few of my favorite photos featuring Shannon’s beautiful hats.

Anabella Gioia

Anabella ready for her first Christmas.

Anabella Gioia 2

An adorable bundle in the grass.

Vivian Teresa Pondering

Vivian looking like she has a lot to think about.

Vivian Teresa

Vivian lounging in the basket.

Vivian's hand

Vivian's tiny hand.

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