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This weekend, little Lyla visited us from Orlando (along with her parents and grandparents), and she and E played pre-Halloween dress-up.

Here’s Snow White – Could they have picked a better costume for her?!

Lyla - Snow White

And the train conductor joined for some photos with Snow White:

E and Lyla

Lastly, they’re back in their day-to-day garb, looking adorable and showing off their amazing blue eyes:

E & Lyla

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One very wild – and awesome – aspect of “growing up” is watching people you’ve known for a very long time have babies. We recently visited Lisa, one of my sister’s oldest friends, with her husband and brand new 6-week-old peanut Lyla. Here she is, this beautiful girl who doesn’t look any different than she did at age 16, with a beautiful munchkin of her own. Nuts!

Baby Lyla, Todd, and Lisa:

Todd, Lyla, and Lisa

And here’s the little one on her own:



And a nap/snuggle with her mama… What could be cozier?

Lyla and Lisa

(Belated) Congratulations, Lis and Todd!

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