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Oh, Maddie Cakes… One of the benefits of having to go to NY for Janet & Brian’s engagement shoot is that we got to spend the weekend with Russ, Jordie, and scrumptious little Madeline. Although we’ve Skyped with them over the last several months, Maddie has grown up a lot since her visit to us in the fall. We thought it would be impossible that she’s actually gotten cuter, but we were wrong; she has. She is still so animated and happy – I could photograph her for hours. But I have to stop so I can give her kisses!

Here she is in her beautiful French dress for her pre-first birthday session:

MadelineJordana, Madeline, RussellJordana, Madeline, RussellJordana, Madeline, Russell

And I had to do another collage of her amazingly cute faces… Choosing which ones made it was not easy…

Madeline Leah June 2011

More photos of Maddie Cakes to come from her shoot with cousin Noah!

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